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Who We Are

CineTronic's LA team is headed by established film score composer and producer Daniel Wehr; the European team is lead by game music expert Markus Zierhofer and veteran songwriter Frankie Chinasky.

Together these artists offer their pool of vast experience and expertise in music creation, publishing and licensing.


We work around the clock, in opposite time zones, to deliver tomorrow's music yesterday.

Our Story

Daniel Wehr and Frankie Chinasky founded CineTronic Music Art in 2005 as a passion project, an experimental community that connected together innovative artists of different disciplines: dance, video, fashion, writing, fine art, music and performance.

Since then CineTronic Music has expanded into a celebrated label and the music power house it is today. It is dedicated to serving the entertainment business with grace, originality, and vitality.

The Team

Daniel Wehr
Frankie Chinasky 2018.jpg
Frankie Chinasky
Markus Zierhofer

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Since 2009 Daniel lives in Los Angeles, USA, where he works as film composer, producer and intrumentalist. He is involved in numerous Hollywood productions including Cloudy with a Chance of Meathballs, Sinister, The Dark Knight, Spiderman 3, Uncharted 3, Seal, and (together with Greg Phillinganes) the 53rd - 57th Grammy Awards. 


Daniel has worked for Benetton's Communication Research Center Fabrica Musica in Italy, where he was mentored by Michael Nyman and Ennio Morricone. He conceptualized the music to Peter Gabriel’s Witness campaign.

As a jazz and classical instrumentalist as well as a conductor, Daniel has toured extensively. He conducted his commissioned concert work Thalamus in Carnegie Hall and gives workshops around the world.

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Frankie Chinasky started his career in 1994 at the iconic Pilot Studios in Munich as a sound engineer and keyboarder. Together with engineers and producers such as Erwin Musper, Paul Gomersall, Armand Volker and Udo Arndt, Frankie was responsible for numerous top acts, including Take That,

N-Sync, Phil Collins, Scorpions and many more.


Frankie Chinasky's long time relationships include BMG, Sony, EMI, Deutsche Grammophon and Universal.


In 2012 Frankie took the film world by storm and has been a composer, arranger and engineer for hit feature films and TV productions in Germany as well as the USA, most notable was the 53rd - 57th Grammy Awards and the Sinister Soundtrack. He teaches as a team with Conrad Pope. 

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Markus was discovered as major talent through the Hollywood Music Workshop at age 15. He was mentored by Don Williams and Bruce Broughton. In recent years his passion has turned to animated movies and game music. 

As the two time runner up for the 2011 and 2012 Vienna Film Music Prize, Markus has received several nominations and prizes, most notable: Best Music at the Production Music Award  2017 as well as Best Game Music at the Game Audio Awards 2018.


Markus is attached to projects including Sony's Resistance, The First Purge and Netflix: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke

as additional composer and orchestrator.

Over the last few years, Markus worked as a music consultant for brands like Toyota, Honda, Disney and Master Kong.

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